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[IP] New MM Quick Set Questions????

Hi all:  After reading all the positive posts on the new quick-sets I phoned
and ordered a sample to try.  I even think they may be sending me the inserter
by the way they sounded?  Anyway, I like the fact it can be inserted by hand.
Funny thing was I called the distributer here in Canada for Minimed and they
were SHOCKED that my 5 year old is using the Silhouettes???? LOL!  I then
asked about the Quick set and they said NO WAY could you insert it without the
inserter????  I ended up calling the Minimed head office and they are sending
me th sample.  I totally trust you guys as to whether I can insert it with the

What I want is for someone to describe it better for me?  Is it the same size
as the SIL?  Just the one tape? Stickier tape than the SIL??  Shorter cannula?
Results? Still used in the same site spots??  Etc.  I went to the Minimed.com
site and saw the video but I like your interpretations better!

Take care all!
(mom to pumper age 5, pumping 8 months.)
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