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[IP] Disetronic DiaPort

I was wondering if anyone had heard an update on
Disetronic's DiaPort system. I guess the Disetronic
USA is saying it could be years before it is approved
by the FDA, but it is already approved as a treatment
in Europe. Below is the link to the Disetronic
Switzerland HQ, which even has pictures. I sent an
e-mail to the HQ and they responded with the names of
3 doctors experienced with this therapy. 

I have been doing a little research on the possibility
of getting this treatment in Europe. I was hoping one
of you might have a friend who had received the
DiaPort therapy already or be able to provide me with
some hints. Thanks in advance.

Andrea Seitz

In non-diabetics, the insulin is produced
prehepatically by the pancreas, i.e., directly before
the liver. 

In conventional therapy, insulin is injected or
infused subcutaneously and travels through the veins
to the heart and from there to the liver. 
In peritoneal infusionthat is, when insulin is
applied directly into the abdominal cavitythe
majority of insulin travels directly to the liver
through the blood vessel lining, which corresponds to
the physiological route.

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