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Re: [IP] bolusing with R..... was need everyone's help

> In a message dated 4/17/01 10:06:12 PM Central Daylight Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> > Monitor bg's every hour or so and supply more H to get bg's to the 
> > 
> how any hours should you wait after first bolus to start considering
> the unused insulin rule?  shouldnt you at least wait two or three
> hours after the first bolus of R as they say it lasts five hours vs
> four hours at most for the H?

Depends on what your objective is. When my daughter finds herself 
high before a meal, she will bolus for the high + the insulin 
resistance + ALL the meal and start checking in 20 - 30 minutes. This 
generally brings her down pretty quick. When she hits 180 she eats, 
knowing that she will probably level off at 100 or so by the time the 
food starts to get digested. When she know she will eat soon, this is 
the fastest way for her to get bg's into line. She's getting better 
now about checking an hour before meals so she doesn't have to wait 
to eat. As to when to check, if you have normal response to H, you 
should see something happen, I would think, within 30 minutes. The 
initial onset appears delayed sometimes with Lily -- I don't know 
why, but once bg's start down, they appear to be predictable and 
follow the unused insulin rule for H. We use 20% per half hour for 
the the first 1.5 hrs and the balance over the next three hours. 
that seems to acount for 90+% or so of the bolus, the tail takes 
forever, but is very small for her, she does use a 5:1 H/V mix

email @ redacted
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