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[IP] Re: pregnancy and abdomen sites


Well, it's been a while (like 18 years!), but I used my ab throughout my
pregnancy, just moved farther and farther away from my navel as I
"stretched".  That was in the good old days of straight needles, too...no
bent needle infusion sets or teflon cannulas...there was more than one
occasion when baby's movements dislodged the needle and it would pinch the
tissues (ouch!).  We never thought to use thighs or buttocks - probably
would have been too difficult to reach to tape-down the infusion set (had to
do this butterfly loop thing), and/or cause too much pain.  But no harm
done...kid was delivered 3 weeks early, perfect weight for gestation, APGARs
were 8 and 9.  My A1c was 13.2 when I got pregnant, and I had laser
treatment for the retinopathy in my 5th and 6th months!  (I know it's better
to have the A1c low-normal when you're planning to get pg, but we weren't in
the planning mode - LOL!).  Keep up the good work - and keep us informed.

Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/82
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