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[IP] Sybil's Frustrations

Hey Sybil, 
WOW, you really are having a hard time, aren't you.   First, the book you
ordered will answer all your questions and tell you how to determine basals.
Your doctor seem like he needs some insulin pump training.  The joy of the
pump is to get off rigid schedules and planned meals.  You can run fasting
basal test yourself - break your day in 3 eight hour shifts convenient to
you and your son.   Start the test with a good bg rate - record basals every
hour for 8 hours, skipping whatever meal you might have eaten during that
time.  Do mornings one day, evenings another day, mid-day another day.  This
will show you how to adjust basals.  I use Humalog insulin and change my
basals two hours ahead of the desired time.   All this is in "THE BOOK"
(Pumping Insulin) which we consider the pumper's bible. 

You are going to get a lot a responses telling you about how many people
went on a pump with no doctor, and how the MiniMed rep was so helpful and
the trainers.   Personally, I think your doc is stuck in the "old diabetes
knowledge" and I doubt that he knows what he is doing.   Maybe you could buy
him a copy of THE BOOK and the two of you could learn together.   If his ego
is too big for that, and it certainly seems that it is, you just have to do
it alone...with the help of this list, THE BOOK, and Minimed.   AND it can
be done.   You are not alone, we are all here for you to ask questions of,
to vent your frustrations, to share your ups and downs, and we all care!!!

Lastly, your son's bg numbers are not for you to feel guilty about.  He has
a disease and you are doing a wonderful job in supporting him in learning
how to be responsible for that disease.  You and your son must never feel
guilty about his bg level, it is how you learn about his body and how to
manage those levels.  Please, throw the guilt away, it never helped anyone!

I didn't answer your questions, but I just wanted you to know that you are
not alone and we are here - and you may have to drive a distance for a doc.
I drive a 4 hour trip (RT) every few months, cause I want the best care I
can get. 

Oh, yeah....LOL is laughing out loud - you might as well learn to do a lot
of it.  
Bonnie R.  
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