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[IP] Re: Results of Neph visit

Gina Gracey wrote:
>>> I hate to say this but if you only have 16% kidney function left I would
be very careful of the amount of potassium you consume.  This includes
tomatoes, potatoes, oranges (including juice) and many other foods you would
not think about.  >>>

I am very careful about my potassium intake - we check the level every 3
months and my latest was 4.9 (normal = 4.3-5.2). In fact I have sent the list
of foods containing P and their amounts to many on this list. As long as I'm
still in the normal range, I will eat my beloved mashed potatoes and grape
tomatoes. Later I'll resort to toasted cardboard with cinnamon. ;)  I have
been getting EPO injections for six years and I do not pee a lot (when they
say I'm *full of it*, I am) - except the first thing in the a.m.  Neph said
that's because sleep allows the nerves to the kidneys to relax and releases
the urine. I notice this after a long nap, also. I usually only fill 1/2 a jug
for the 24 hr. test. I'm to drink just when I'm thirsty to not overwork the
kidneys. And no Diet Coke. ;-((((( The phosphates are bad for kidneys. I have
been on a kidney/pancreas transplant listserv for two years now and get a lot
of input and support through that group, too. Thanks for your concern! (~_^)

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