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Re: [IP] Need everyones help

> Hello everyone,
> Recently when I was working( I am an ER nurse) I had a 17 year old
> patient come in who's pump site had come out when he had been
> swimming.  The chief medical doctor for the ER ( a very smart MD)
> was working with this kid.  I came into work at 7p.m. the patient
> had been in the ER since 6p.m. and nothing had been done!!!  Here is
> my problem...the kid's accu check was 337 they had given him some
> insulin..but were lost on what to do with his pump being out! 

Well if it were my kid, I would supply a bolus of H to bring down the 
high bg's, look at the basal rates set in the pump and give her 
enough regular insulin to cover the cumulative basals for the next 
5 hours, repeating in 4 hours for 4 hours of basal, etc....

Monitor bg's every hour or so and supply more H to get bg's to the 
100 - 150 region. Pretty simple really, the real poor man's pump is 
regular insulin every 4 hours (in my book).
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