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just passing this along................

April 11, 2001

AVAILABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES Abbott Laboratories, MediSense Products
announced today the availability of Sof-Tact(TM), the first automated
alternate-site glucose monitoring system to provide virtually painless,
one-step testing.  For the more than 16 million people with diabetes in the
United States, Sof-Tact offers a simpler, more convenient and virtually pain
free alternative to traditional fingerstick testing.

"Sof-Tact is a breakthrough for people who want to avoid painful fingerstick
testing and a very important development in our ongoing commitment to provide
meaningful products that allow people with diabetes to better manage their
disease," said Michael J.  Collins, divisional vice president, Abbott
Laboratories, MediSense Products.  "We used the invaluable feedback we
receive everyday from people with diabetes and their caregivers to design
Sof-Tact to meet their testing needs."

Sof-Tact:  How it Works As an alternate-site monitor, Sof-Tact provides
virtually painless testing by allowing users to perform testing on parts of
the body with fewer nerve endings, such as the forearm and upper arm.  In
clinical trials*, nearly 9 out of 10 patients rated Sof-Tact as either
"painless" or "much less painful"
than traditional finger-stick testing.

Sof-Tact is also the first fully integrated and automated testing device,
making daily glucose testing less complicated and more convenient by
combining all of the steps required for testing in a single device.  To
perform a test, users load a test strip and lancet inside the monitor, place
Sof-Tact on the forearm or other sites and press the 'start' button.
 Sof-Tact automatically lances the skin, draws the required blood sample,
transfers the sample to the test strip and provides a clinically accurate
glucose reading in 20 seconds.
Sof-Tact's full integration and automation features can reduce potential
user-generated errors.

Convenient, Virtually Pain-Free Testing For a Range of Patients "Good
diabetes management begins and ends with blood glucose management.
However, one of the most common complaints I receive from diabetes patients
is that fingerstick testing is painful and, as a result, many people do not
test as often as they should," said J.  Paul Lock, M.D., University of
Massachusetts Medical School.  "Until now, there was not a viable option I
could recommend that provided virtually painless testing coupled with an easy
to use, clinically accurate system.  I know that many of my patients will
appreciate the convenience and near painless testing offered by Sof-Tact and
hopefully will test more frequently as a result."

With its enhanced capabilities, Sof-Tact can address the needs of a wide
range of patients.  For example, patients who dislike the pain and side
effects of fingerstick testing as well as patients who rely heavily on their
fingers, e.g., musicians, mechanics, and dentists, will benefit from
Sof-Tact's alternate-site testing capabilities.  Elderly patients and those
with poor vision will benefit from Sof-Tact's large, backlit display; and
caregivers of people with diabetes and parents of children with diabetes will
benefit from the fully integrated and automated aspects of Sof-Tact.

"To better manage my diabetes, I test my blood sugar regularly.  As a result,
my fingers get sore, and that interferes with many aspects of my life, both
at work and in my spare time," said Mary Gaudete-Chimeno, a medical
receptionist with Type 2 diabetes.  "Now, with Sof-Tact the pain is gone, the
testing process is easier, and I can get on with my normal schedule knowing
that I am not compromising accurate test results for the sake of

Data Management Allows for More Analysis Maintaining sufficient records of
blood glucose readings and averages is an important concern in daily life for
someone with diabetes.  With this information, patients and their doctors can
better address specific needs of individuals and adjust treatments
Sof-Tact makes recording and analyzing blood glucose readings effortless.  
The meter stores up to 450 results and provides average glucose readings for
the last 7, 14 and 28 days on its own display.  Data can also be downloaded
to a personal computer using the optional Precision Link software for even
more efficient management.

For more information about Sof-Tact or to learn how to purchase, call Toll
Free 1-866-SOF-TACT (1-866 763-8228) or visit www.medisense.com.
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