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Re: [IP] Pregnancy and stomach sites

I have used stomach sites exclusively through my pregnancies. I do move 
over toward the side as I get bigger, and my preference is to insert them 
where the needle is pointing to my side rather than my center (just 
paranoid about the catheter hitting the uterus). It definitely gets harder 
to find good spots towards the end, especially because I find the skin is 
so tight and delicate that it gets irritated more easily (the skin under 
the tape - not necessarily the at the needle) and I change sites nearly 
every day in the last trimester.
I have found that if I insert my tenders too deep and too close to center 
abdomen while big and pregnant I get crimps in the catheter - i assume from 
the muscles tightening during braxton hicks contractions.

as an aside, I went for my 30 week visit today and measured at 35 weeks - 
ACK!  Both previous pregnancies I measured right where I should throughout.

Betsy, age 34, Type 1 27 years, Disetronic 6 yrs, on third pregnancy with
pump and due in June.
email @ redacted
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