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[IP] Re: pregnancy and abdomen sites

I think Mel asked about this. I was able to use my abdomen through the
whole pregnancy. It was tricky at the end, but I just kept going farther
'out', i.e., away from my belly button. I changed every 2 days--b/c I was
taking so much insulin I was running out every 2 days--and this probably
helped the sites work for me. I even wore the pump during my
C-section--they put extra tape over it, and betadine over that. But I
think this is YMMV--some other women couldn't use their abdomen. I didn't
want to play around with other site areas if I didn't have to. There was
lots of variance in my BS control during the pregnancy, and I was afraid
that moving to the thigh or another area would affect absorbtion. 

Maureen M.

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