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Re: [IP] Private messages

At 01:58 PM 4/17/2001 Todd Beall wrote:
 >I often post to just the individual person (rather than to the list),
 >but there are exceptions. When I think that others can constructively
 >benefit from my post to the other person, I will address it to the list;
 >if not, and especially if it is any kind of <mild!> criticism, I always
 >post to the individual, not to the list. I think that if we all followed
 >this sort of pattern, we would reduce the volume of the list and (more
 >importantly??) would have less flame wars breaking out!

That's the whole point. Often there are numerous messages that would be 
much better directed toward a single person. The volume of mail on this 
list is so high that it is overwhelming many of our members. So, before you 
post to the WHOLE list, think carefully about it. If it really doesn't 
concern everyone else, please put it in private mail.


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