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[IP] Darrin....from my perspective....long

Hi JP,

The insulin pumpers has a huge following, and some of us have been there since
its earlier days.   Darrin is one of those people and  he also happens to be a
personal friend of our family.  It upset me when I read your posting to him.
We consider ourselves fortunate to have met with him personally and have taken
a lot from those encounters.  ALL positive I might add.

Darrin and our family became friends as the result of our interests in pumping
and 'meeting up' on the Insulin Pumpers over 3 years ago.  The members were a
smaller group then and it felt like you knew almost everybody by name.  The
great majority of members supported people to the point it was humbling.
Phone calls were not uncommon and we still keep in touch with some of those
people, off list.  The IP family is bigger now, and perhaps it is a little
more difficult to remember who is who, but everybody still deserves the same
amount of respect and people are still making wonderful connections.  The
issues are varied, sometimes complex, sometimes simple, but who are we to say
which issue is the most important or warrants the most attention.  It is
exciting to be able to reach out to so many people.  You are bound to find
somebody who can relate to your posting.

Depression is a horrible thing that afflicts a huge percentage of the
population at one time or another.   How refreshing for the IPers who were
able to respond to the issue and relate some of their own stories.  What a
healthy way to share feelings.  In my opinion, emotional complications that
can be related to diabetes are as debilitating as the physical complications.
Reading postings about so many things concerning diabetes & pumping gives us
ammunition to use against its many attacks.  This has been said a HUNDRED
times, but if you are not interested in the subject, pass it by.  What may not
be of interest to you is likely a Godsend to many others.

I read your profile and noted that when you joined you were having problems
with  carbs and your sugars were jumping around.  "Please help" was one of
your statements.  It appears you are not as quick to offer support to your
fellow IPers as you are to ask for it.  I will try to forgive you your mean
spirited posting and hope that you continue to receive support and help from
the members of the IP.  I will chalk it up to somebody having a REALLY BAD day
and hope that you will refrain from making such blanket statements in the
future.  I also hope that what you have said will not stop people expressing
themselves when they are dealing with the emotional issues often related to

Just my opinion.......

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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