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Re: [IP] 8 year old - pumping 3 weeks

In a message dated 4/17/01 4:53:32 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< just read here the other day that you need to change the setting
3-6 hours before the low.  That was news to me.>>

This will vary -- if I have figured out with very frequent tests just when it 
starts going down, I only change it for the previous hour, myself.

<<One of my biggest problems right now is my emotionalism.  I am QUITE
frustrated, angry, exhausted, afraid at times.>>

My goodness, of course!  You are under an extreme amount of stress at the 
moment, and you don't seem to have very good support from your med team.  But 
even with ideal support, it would still be really stressful -- just try to 
remember you are doing the best you can for your children, actually you are 
doing much more than the average diabetic parent because you have gotten one 
on the best currently available treatment.  It takes a while to work out the 
kinks, but it will be worth it!  I think you are wonderful!
<<I THOUGHT a mini-med nurse would be training me and be in telephone contact 
with me to help me get the basals set and to give moral support <snip>the DR. 
wanted the patients to only call her office for help. >>

I think probably most of us on this list, anyway, find that we have to be the 
ones in charge of the treatment.  And you can use whatever resources you want 
-- if the MM nurse is helpful, by all means take advantage of it, whatever 
your doctor says.

<<I guess a lot of my problem is I feel SO DUMB and I hate faxing in Morgan's
#'s so the Dr. can see all my "Mistakes"!!! >>

Hey, numbers are just information -- not a measure of your worth <gr.>.  
Something I bet we all have to continually remind ourselves of.
<<Must one wait three days before making any changes? >> 

There is nothing said in the Constitution about it <gr.>.  I suspect you will 
usually get a better picture of what is really happening if you do.  

<<Is it important to follow quite rigidly the "Diabetic diet" while getting 
pump figured out??>>

I think you can usually figure things out quicker if you have a consistent 
diet in order to minimize variables while you are getting rates adjusted.  
And it is probably advantageous to have that diet be as close as possible to 
the way you want to continue living your life.  It will take a little longer 
if you are varying things -- but then again, if that is the way things are 
going to be, you're going to have to learn how to adjust for it eventually, 

About the night problems, that is one time I, personally, find food to cause 
a lot of problems in perfecting dosages -- darn stuff seems to metabolize 
differently when I'm asleep.  I deal with it by fasting, but with your little 
one you may find eating comparable things late in the day may really help 
with figuring that out.  It sounds like you are adjusting quite sensibly.

Gosh, I bet you ARE tired, you are leading a busy life!  But what more 
important thing could you be spending your energy on than those children!  
This disease never allows any of us to ever feel we did things perfectly, we 
can only do the best we can within the context of controlling diabetes in 
order to live fully, without getting mixed up and starting to live in order 
to control diabetes <gr.>.  You're doing great, congratulate yourself!  

Linda Z
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