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[IP] Need everyones help

Hello everyone,

Recently when I was working( I am an ER nurse) I had a 17 year old patient 
come in who's pump site had come out when he had been swimming.  The chief 
medical doctor for the ER ( a very smart MD) was working with this kid.  I 
came into work at 7p.m. the patient had been in the ER since 6p.m. and 
nothing had been done!!!  Here is my problem...the kid's accu check was 337 
they had given him some insulin..but were lost on what to do with his pump 
being out!  He lived approx 6 hours away and had not brought an extra set 
with him. (he had only been a pumper for 3 weeks).  Anyway, the doctor was 
relieved to see me come in because finally someone would know what to do 
about this pump.(i am a mm508 pumper).  I always carry extra supplies with me 
just in case my set gets pulled out so I gave him one of mine, taught him how 
to bolus for his high sugars, dipped his urine and checked for keytones..ect. 
 I was amazed at how little the non-diabetic doctors know about the insulin 
pump.  I need to know if anyone has put together a teaching packet about 
diabetes and the insulin pump.. I would like to inservice all the doctors 
about the insulin pump and I would also like to go before the hospital board 
and get permission to order supplies from all the different companies to have 
in the event  a patients pump falls out and they don't have access to another 

Thank you in advance,

Rachel & little buddy
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