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Re: [IP] Private messages

<part of original message and Sam Skopp's reply:>
<At 09:44 AM 4/17/2001 Nita H. wrote:
 Could we PLEASE limit personal and messages directed towards one person
PRIVATELY towards that person. There are so many folks on the list now
and the volume of messages is rather large without the added direct
person messages.>
<Sam's reply:>
<If you look at the headers of each message, you'll see who the message
is originally from. You can copy that address and paste it in the "TO:"
field of a reply message. In that way it only goes to that one person
and not to the whole list.>

Thanks, Sam.

I often post to just the individual person (rather than to the list),
but there are exceptions. When I think that others can constructively
benefit from my post to the other person, I will address it to the list;
if not, and especially if it is any kind of <mild!> criticism, I always
post to the individual, not to the list. I think that if we all followed
this sort of pattern, we would reduce the volume of the list and (more
importantly??) would have less flame wars breaking out!

But (just to take a silly example!) the reply concerning how many
carbohydrates a cinnabun contains was (in my thinking) helpful to direct
to the entire list, not just the person who asked the question--because
it is information that others of us on the list might well use and
profit from!!! Obviously others might disagree (but then they've
probably never tasted a cinnabun!).


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