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[IP] 8 year old - pumping 3 weeks

Hello,Insulin Pumpers:  I wrote this letter in to HELP and got a reply.  The
HELP administrator suggested I send it to the list so here it is:

This is Sybil Fisher.  I wrote in a while back.  My 8 yr. old son has been on
the pump for a little over three weeks.

Reading insulin-pumpers list has educated me quite a bit, but I am really a

Does everyone's reply get posted?
Is there any "logical" way to read this list? Or do you just scroll through
and try to find what interests you?  Sometimes I might find a question I am
interested in -  do I just scroll through looking for replies, i.e. answers?
Does LOL mean like it or leave it????

Now, on to my pump questions.

I did go to the How-To  section where Michael gave the info on basal rates,
etc.  I did JUST order PUMPING INSULIN, over the internet.

I have learned quite a bit about how to "handle" the pump, etc.  The
insertions with Quick set are going well and I thank those who responded to my
question about insertions.

Morgan, my son, is getting low around 5 or 6 am.  I am studying about what to
change and just read here the other day that you need to change the setting
3-6 hours before the low.  That was news to me.

One of my biggest problems right now is my emotionalism.   I am QUITE
frustrated, angry,  exhausted, afraid at times.   I do not have great
communication with my Dr. and nurse.  They are kind, but the Dr. is a very
young endo - not a pedi endo and she hasn't been practicing long.  And her
nurse is just learning about endocrinology.  This is the best Dr. for me
because otherwise I would have to drive 2 hours to either Shreveport or Dallas
to go to a pedi endo.  I tried the pedi endo in Shreveport.  It is WONDERFUL
not to have to drive to appts,  This Dr. is here in Tyler, Tx.   I was
initially very hurt because I THOUGHT a mini-med nurse would be training me
and be in telephone contact with me to help me get the basals set and to give
moral support.  My doctor had a local CDE train us the one session when we did
the pump start.  And I learned from the dad of a 6 year old that she put on
the pump that the Dr.  told the Mini Med nurse to stop calling and checking on
them - that the DR. wanted the patients to only call her office for help.  Is
this a typical scenario???  How do all you people get adjusted to your pumps??
Are the Dr.s really helpful or do you just end up reading, experimenting and
figure it out yourself???

I WISH someone had suggested I get PUMPING INSULIN BEFORE he went on the pump
- or that I had done more research and been more knowledgeable.

I guess a lot of my problem is I feel SO DUMB and I hate faxing in Morgan's
#'s so the Dr. can see all my "Mistakes"!!!  (My pride!!)  It is so hard to
keep my hands off and not move the basal's around trying to find what works.
Must one wait three days before making any changes?  I know I am so

Is it important to follow quite rigidly the "Diabetic diet" while getting the
pump figured out??  This is what the Dr. keeps saying.  I've never been really
great with that anyway - Morgan was on Ultralente, which seemed to give more
flexibility.  She wants him up early in the morning and eating 4 carbs per
meal and 1 carb per snack, etc.  We homeschool and I think that erks her -she
even suggested I put Morgan in school so he would have a more rigid schedule.
I have 5 children aged 3 to 14.  My three year old daughter Madison is also
diabetic - for a year and 4 mo. !  Morgan has had diabetes about 2 yrs.
Madison is getting low in the early am too.  She is on ultralente and humalog.
She is very petite at 24.5 lbs. and doesn't eat much or very consistently.  So
you see I REALLY have my hands full.  My husband teaches and is very
supportive, but I do most of the diabetes decisions- I do discuss doses with
him and he gives me feed back.

Must a person or child be just the "right" number with just the "right" amount
of snack  at bedtime for the night time basals to work correctly??  This is so
tricky.  Morgan has a basal of .5 from 7am -10 pm.  DR. said go to .6 and then
.7  from 12 am to 3 am.  but I moved it back to 10 pm because he was often
still high at 12 or 2 yet low at 5 or 6.  I was initially so nervous about the
lows that I would let him have more snack, etc.  It is hard to TRUST the pump
and keep my hands off to collect the data.  It seems so many of my days data
is faulty because of corrections, poor #'s going into night time etc.   It
just seems a big muddle most of the time.  I am tired!  But I can't quit.  I
would appreciate your help, and encouragement and any PRAYERS anyone wants to
make for us!!

Thank you in advance.  Sybil Fisher -   Morgan (8) and Madison's (3) mom -(my
dad has had diabetes for 40
years -he is 77 and no complications)
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