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[IP] Question on the use of buttock region for insertion sites

    Just wondering if there are any skinny pump users who have used the
buttock region for insertion sites with either sils or micros.  I have tried
both types of infusion sets with problems.  The 1st time I tried using a sil
it worked OK.  Insulin dleivery was good too, but I could feel the spot where
the cannula was inserted.  I left it in for 3 days successfully, but didn't
like the fact that I could constantly feel where my infusion set was.
    I tried again on another occasion with sils and had a bleeder (blood
dripping out the end of the cannula once the introducer needle was removed),
so decided to go back to my usual abdo sites.  I gave my butt a rest for a few
weeks then tried back there again using a micro.  Once again I could
constantly feel the insertion site for the whole three days it was there.
    I know that part of my problem is being so thin.  I think that it is
difficult to insert into the little fat that I have without inserting too
deeply through to the muscle. I figured that I must have been inserting into
the muscle and that is why I could feel where the cannula was inserted.  I
have not had any problems though using the abdo area and inserting too deep so
was wondering if there was any pointers I could get on using the buttock
    The reason I am interested in insertion in the buttock region is that I am
trying to get pregnant, and figured that at some point may have to use that
area anyhow.  Just thought it would be good practice to try using it now.
Also would give my belly break for a while.
    I would be glad for any info people can give me on the subject.  Although
my opening line suggests I am only seeking the advice of skinny pumpers, I
would be interested in advice from anyone with experience in this matter!
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