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Re: [IP] mri

In a message dated 4/17/01 11:40:44 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I use a silhouette infusion set.  I don;t think the part that is 
stuck to me has any metal but they insist that I remove it also when I 
disconnect for the mri. >>

I guess, since you will get home so quickly afterwards, it shouldn't matter a 
whole lot, but this does surprise me.  Have you asked MiniMed? (I assume that 
is your pump, since you said silhouette).  I know they will tell you not to 
take the pump anywhere near the room with the MRI. 

I have not had an MRI, but when I have had to disconnect for other tests 
(none where I had to remove the site <gr.>), I just prime bolus, before 
disconnecting, the minimum amount I expect to miss from basal while 
disconnected.  Then, after reconnecting, I prime bolus for any additional 
lost.  Basically the same thing I do for a shower <gr.>.

Linda Z
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