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[IP] Adult Stem Cells???

    There were recent posts regarding the use of embryonic stem cells vs
adult stem cells vs the recently "hyped" use of fat cells (which many of us
would have eagerly volunteered for!) as a source for potential cells needed
for a cure. The following explanation is from Larry Soler, who is not only a
member of the JDRF Washington govt. relations staff, but also a pumper
himself! I had the pleasure of meeting Larry at a JDRF annual conference,
along with his colleague Jane Adams, who is also a type I. For people like
Larry & Jane, JDRF isn't just their "job", it's their life!
    1.    There are several types of stem cells, including those that are
obtained from fertilized eggs and adult tissue.
    2.    Stem cells from fertilized eggs have the ability to grow infinitely
in the laboratory.  Adult tissue stem cells are unable to foster substantial
growth in the lab.
   3.    Stem cells from fertilized eggs have the ability to grow into any
type of cell or organ in the body.  Adult tissue stem cells appear to have a
much more restricted path for development, limiting their usefulness in
therapies for diseases.
   4.    Studies which have been in the news media recently describing
research involving fat cells are important but have significant scientific
problems as it relates to stem cell research.   It has not been confirmed
that the fat cells were turned into stem cells, and more importantly, the
cells-unlike stem cells that come from fertilized eggs-have not shown the
ability to grow in large quantities in the laboratory, a critical aspect of
stem cell research.
   5.    Eighty nobel laureates recently sent a letter to President Bush
indicating that "it is premature to conclude that adult stem cells have the
same potential as embryonic stem cells."
   6.    Scientists believe that stem cells from fertilized eggs have the
most promise to cure diabetes and other devastating diseases.

Lawrence A. Soler
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
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