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[IP] Old Juvenile

Someone asked " If someone is diagnosed when they're older how can you tell
that it's type1and not type 2?"<<<<

March 29 1985, at the age of 44, I was rushed to St. Vincent's hospital in
DKA with bgs at 1205, diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes.  I fit the pattern
so perfectly for older onset type 2 that they did some tests several times
and it kept coming back Type 1, something about GAP or GAD antibodies...  I
had had a severe viral type infection (sinus) about 6 weeks earlier.  I
always told the docs that I was fine until that infection.  I thought it was
pretty cool that they put me in the wing with all these cute young teenage
boys with Type 1, don't know why there were no girls.  I was there two

When I had to move from Portland to Huntsville the doctor I had here (an
internist - no specialist available) took me off insulin and put me on
pills,  for ten days my bgs went up, took more pills, and my bgs went up and
up and I finally called him and said, give me back my insulin.  My
specialist in Bham (Dr. Rosenthal) tested me also when I went to him,
because I was over 40 and overweight.   When results came in he and Dr.
David Bell said, how bout a pump?  Six years ago I got a pump and life is

Everyone always thinks I am a type 2 and I get lectures when I eat "sugar".
I usually just pull out my pump and say "this takes care of it".   If they
want to know more, I tell them, if they don't want to know more,
fine....they usually keep thinking "I eat wrong".   

Sorry, long answer, there is a test that tell the difference.  

Course, I could be like Sara, type WIERD - type 1 and type 2.  Who knows,
and really, who cares?!  I do know that I am wierd, and attest to the belief

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