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Re: [IP] Got it right this time!


  That is great if this site works.  My son hated the Tenders when we first 
started and so did I.  We switched to the MM sof-sets, using the 6mm set.  
And life is GREAT.  Now we have tried both the Dis Ultraflex and the new MM 
Quick set and we are going to stick with the MM Quick set because they 
actually made a built in handle that the person inserting can hold onto 
without getting stuck to the tape part.  And the needle is so tiny it is 
UNBELIEVABLE.  And again it is 6mm also.  Josh loves them!!  And we are 
getting GREAT results with BOTH of these sample sets we were sent. But the 
Dis Ultraflex for me was very awkward to insert.  By the way Josh is on the 
H-Tron Plus.  He is now 9, dxd at 5.  I LOVE the fact that the sets are 

mom to Joshua
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