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[IP] Re: ADD ADHD sympthons and diabetes

 email @ redacted commented:
<<My son's teacher (3rd grade) said that she has noticed that 
when Josh is having a high he acts just like someone who has ADD or ADHD 
(Attention Deficit Disorder)!  Is this weird or related?  Has there been any 
studies done with ADD/ADHD kids to test their sugars to see if they might be 
borderline? >>
YES -- well sort of.  Cory was tested last August for ADD/ADHD.  At the time 
of his testing his b/s was 375 (pre pump era).  He had so much trouble with 
the test that the doctor did not complete all of it.  The dx was ADD and he 
was started on adderall.  Around Feb. he was retested - he was now on the 
pump and his b/s had been stable all afternoon -- 83 - 88 range.   The 
difference was remarkable! He now scored above avg on his attention span!  No 
signs of ADD.  He also had a brief observation by a different doctor and 
again no signs of ADD.  They thought it was due to the medicaiton However, he 
had not taken it for 2 days prior to the follow up tests!  Now he has fewer 
highs and lows and the change in behaivor is very noticable.  Unless he has 
ketones, he will be extremely hyperactive when his b/s is over 250 or so.  
Even the adderall will not settle him down.  It reminds me of the old saying, 
"he's on a sugar high."  With lows he is usually sluggish and just says that 
he doesn't feel well.  My theroy would be that yes, b/s levels out of target 
range can show up as ADD/ADHD.  It is also possible to have that disorder 
along with the diabetes and perhaps b/s levels out of target range cause 
these sympthons to be intensified even more.  
Just my opinion -- certainly no medical degree!
Susan S.
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