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I just got the results from wearing the MM CGMS for 72 hours. 
It looks like my meter is giving me false results when I am low. 
On several ocassions I tested in the normal range when I was actually below 
i discovered some hypoglycemic events that I was totaly unaware of mainly 
happening late evening/before bed and early morning just before I awake until 
mid morning. The MM rep was great. He was only coming out to the Dr's office 
to pick up all the CGMS meters, but offered to let me meet him there to see 
my results. He stayed there for 1 1/2 hours downloading my meter, the CGMs 
and my pump. He also tried to help me understand the results and told me he 
would get back with my DR about the results. there wll be some definite 
changes in my basal rates but I am just not sure exactly what I need to 

I would recommend this device to everyone wanting to obtain better control. I 
would definitely wear it again to help me further my control.

dx 01/97
Pumper since 08/00
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