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Re: [IP] Ontario, Canada

>I am writing on behalf of my 7 yr old cousin who has diabetes.  Her parents
>would like very much to get her an insulin pump.  We live in Ontario, Canada
>and the cost of the pump is not covered by health insurance.  Her parents
>can not afford the $5000 pump.  Are there any other Ontarians or Canadians
>that have any suggestions on how to make this pump affordable?
>Carolyn Vander Byl


As a fellow Cdn who has no private health insurance and thus no coverage
for most medical expenses here's what i did:

Post and search via the net and oyu'll come up with used pumps for free or
little.  I know there are a vast number of people with pumps in their
closets.  Ask on this list and make a post in other forums as well.

After obtaining a used pump, just cahneg the registration with the factoryu
and then it's justthe supplies whihc worl out for most to about teh same
cost as intensive MDI.

I admire you for your kindness and caring regading your young cousin.


Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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