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[IP] Re: Exchange plan history

Thomas Beatson wrote:
>>> Nothing was said about exchanging between lists. Each list had an
identifying name and a percentage of carbohydrate, which I never figured out
how to use. The lists that we started with came from the dietitian at the
hospital where I was diagnosed. They weren't called exchange lists or exchange
plan, but nearly all of what came out in 1950 was being used before 1943. >>>

Correct. It was the percentage plan - that's why it wasn't called Exchange
Plan. The exchanges have been within their own list, however. But each
person's diet had so much percentage of CHO, so much percentage of Fat, so
much percentage of Protein - whatever was prescribed. Then they made the
Exchange Lists which made it easier to make choices and figure. When I started
there were 2 vegetable lists: List A and List B. I quickly learned the items
in List A since they were considered mostly as *free Foods.*

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