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[IP] Got it right this time!

I had to write and share my triumph of the 1st insertion of the tender
infusion set without my son crying and screaming.  This last month has been
tough getting use to the pump because every insertion was followed by tears
and complaining of "feeling like the needle was left in", or the site
hurting, or insuling burning.   But he refused to let me redo the insertion
or go back to shots.  He loves the pump, but it broke my heart thinking he
was induring a painful site because the pump made him feel better and have
more freedom.  We tired emla, different infusion types, but now I think I
have discovered the trick to tenders.  When I inserted the tender this time,
it was at such a shallow angle I could actually see the needle thru the
skin.  But instead of removing it and reinserting deeper, I just left it
that shallow.  My son said that was the best one yet.  No pain, and he
didn't even feel the insulin.  I made sure the end didn't come out the other
side of the skin.  Is this the correct way to insert?  My son is 5 and
hardly any fat at all.  All the 90degree insertions are too deep!! (but we
are waiting for the new minimed 6mm to try)  Have other tender users see the
needle under the skin, or was this just too shallow.  We just did the
insertion and have not seen if BG will be good or not.  I sure hope this
site works, because the thought of another insertions would break my heart.
Thanks for the shoulder.

Kim (Mom to Max 5 pumping 11/2 months )
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