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Re: Toddler pumpers Re: [IP] What month were you diagnosed?

Thanks for such a wonderful compliment!  I found a poem one time about how
God chooses a mother for a diabetic child.  And I believed every word of it!
I will have to find it again to share with the list.  It has not been an
easy road.  But no one ever said raising kids is an easy job.  Rachel
doesn't like the inserting of the infusion set, but once I am done she
giggles and loves her pump.  She kisses Blossom (MM508) good night every
night!  Thank you for your moral support (all of you!!)

Mom to Rachel and Blossom, 3 1/2, pumping 17 days

>I give you and all the other mothers of young
> pumpers the utmost credit. I cannot for the life of me imagine getting
> either of my girls to allow me to get an infusion set in. for me it is a
> huge struggle even to cut their fingernails!!!  I also can't imagine how
> these toddler pumpers don't pull the dern sets out all the time.
> I'm sure the pump makes managing her diabetes a lot easier though, and I'm
> glad you have the patience to go through this with her.
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