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[IP] docs, experience, then zestril

IT's been a rough past six months. Diabetes had
problems, I had severe pelvic pain, and upper
abdominal problems. AFterwhich I wound up very
frustrated and started to get depressed..things have
turned around and there's some irony..
 I was put on Zestril 5mg to prevent migraines. My PCP
said there was nothing else to prevent them, and since
I'm diabetic it can help protect my kidneys. Seing
that I'd had a 24hr urine 2 months earlier b4 starting
on them but I hadn't seen my endo since, that was
great, I was planning to anyhow. At the time bp was
 Saw my endo a week ago--bp was 130/88, but
considering the lecture i got from him that's a good
reading. (at home i'd been having readings as low as
70/50 but usually 90/60 since starting the zestril). 
 Saw my pcp today... 128/94. Now, and this is the
ironic part, he's UPPING the dose b/c of blood
pressure. Duh, it's not high, I don't need anyone to
tell me that, but with my age and family history, he
wants me under 130/90 consistently... 
 I just find it funny i was put on something for bp to
prevent migraines, but would've been anyhow for kidney
protection and then the dosage is based on bp...
 My pcp is getting really good -- he saw me at a
terrible state a month ago and has been very involved
since then and is glad things are looking
better..diabetes and such. He did give me the bad
news..one of the new meds I"m on CAUSES weight
gain...grrr! I'm not big but I don't like gaining when
I'm eating like 1600 cals a day and exercising whehn I
used to eat 2400 cals a day w/o exercise no
problem..endo is chekcing out my thyroid b/c of how my
diabetes control was, with the #s i was having I s
hould've lost weight and haven't..now I know another
factor someone failed to mention earlier!:-)
 Anyhow, there's a long story but just wanted to share
about Zestril..

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