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Re: [IP] splenda optical properties why it does nothing to your body but has calories

Andrew Bender wrote:
> Its not derived from sugar it is sugar, it is l-sucrose, the body can only
> use d-glucose or sucrose.

The use of l and d isomers has been put to good use by biochemists, but that
is not the case for Splenda.  Actually, Splenda (sucralose) is chlorinated
sucrose.  It makes use of the d isomer.  Three hydroxyl groups have been
replaced by three choline atoms.  The chemical name if anyone cares is:

It was discovered by accident when a foreign grad student misunderstood
"testing" of chlorinated sugar for "tasting".

I like Splenda and have used it to make some of my grandmother's pie
recipies with good success.

Sorry about the biochemistry stuff,
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