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Re: [IP] To the doctors tomorrow & medicaid and pump

Definitely Congrats on the Medicaid, but... it depends on what state you
live in whether or not it will be covered.  In Texas NO state programs cover
the pump!  My daughter is on Chronically Ill and Dependant Children (CIDC)
and they wouldn't even cover the 20% my insurance didn't.  Even though her
numbers ran from 35 to off her meter!!!   Also, our mayor in Austin Texas
has been fighting to get Medicaid to cover it....  I pray that in your state
it is covered and that it is this easy!!!!  I will keep Ashley and you in my

Mom to Rachel and Blossom, 3 1/2, pumping 17 days

>you will DEFINITELY get a pump for her if you have medicaid!
> minimed does all the work for you..... all you have to do is answer a few
> questions and give them three weeks of blood sugars showing that her
> are all over the place!  public aid wants to see that it is a
> then you'll get a call from minimed asking what color you want and
> boom....it's there the next day!!  that is if you are going with
> i'm sure they all do this too  :O)
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