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Re: [IP] Rash on foot-help!


My husband has had the exact same thing exactly where you
describe and had the exact same problem with creams not working,
etc. He has had it for a few months and *nothing* was working on
it. First they (just the sick call dr) thought it was athlete's
foot or some other fungus or yeast, then eczema, but nothing they
gave him for it worked so they finally sent him to dermatology.
Turns out it is psoriasis (which is what I thought it was from
the beginning, having had this disease myself for some 11yrs or
so.) I'm not saying this is what you have, just that it is a
possibility. (And guess what - if that's what you have, psoriasis
is an autoimmune disease too.) I would definitely see a
dermatologist so it can be correctly diagnosed and the right
medication given for it! Once my husband finally saw one they
gave him this clear tape stuff (sort of like tegaderm) that is
impregnated with medication and it has really helped. It isn't
totally cleared up but it is definitely better and he has finally
quit picking and scratching at it. But now he is getting little
psoriasis patches all over his body - ack! So he'll be going back
to the dr soon.

Linda said:
Could use some input here.  I have had a rash on the inside of my
right foot 
by my ankle for about 4 wks.  My doctor thought it was athlete's
foot and I 
have been using prescription medicated cream but I think it is
bigger.  It does itch and seems irritated but it does not seem
like athlete's 
foot.  I am really concerned that it may get out of control as it
is not 
responding to treatment (right now it is about 3" high 2" wide). 
I think I 
am going to ask for a referral to see a dermatologist.  Does
anyone out there 
have any advise?  I do not want to end up with an out of control
infection. I have been very careful about keeping the area dry
and clean.  
Please let me know what you think.

Take care, Kerri  
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