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[IP] re:Static

My son uses the MM 508 also and he had one episode of shorting out his pump
with static electricity.  Since I had read that this was somewhat of a problem
with the 508's on this web page, I didn't panic too much.  I called MM, let
them walk me through the settings we needed to re-set.  I had my son's basals
recorded, so it was easy to reprogram those.  They also sent me this new case
and most importantly my son likes that one and uses it - most of the time.
The scariest part of all this for me was that it was probably 5 hours after
the static electricity shorted out the pump that he mentioned the alarm to me.
Luckily, I looked before he went to bed and made these corrections.  He had
bolused a couple times while the time of day was all wrong and no basal going,
but he didn't even take notice of this.  I would recommend anytime this
happens to call MM, because it does get attached to your history and if it
really became a recurring problem you would have proof of the problem.  All in
all, no the pump isn't perfect, but relax, pay attention and check your blood
sugars and the pump often.  : - )

Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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