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[IP] splenda optical properties why it does nothing to your body but has calories

  That is the greatness of the new Splenda.  It is actually derived from
sugar so it can be used just like sugar.  And from what I've read and heard
it is suppose to be very safe.  And it can be used for cooking!

mom to Joshua
Its not derived from sugar it is sugar, it is l-sucrose, the body can only
use d-glucose or sucrose. That is why the calories are the same, when it
burns in a calorimeter it gives off the same amount of heat per gram as d
sucrose. It is very safe as it is unrecognized by the body as anything, sort
of like the pee in the ocean. I guess in large amounts you could get
diarrhea from it sugars bend light to the right ( d sugars or to the left
 l sugars) the body has chemistry only for dealing with d sugars and none
for l sugars so they cannot be assimilated. this property is called optical
rotation of substances. they wont test with your meter because the glucose
oxidase in the strip only works on d sugars. spot
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