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[IP] RE; Illness and high blood sugars

In a message dated 4/16/2001 10:52:40 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> He has been running in the 300s and bolusing to 
>  correct every 3 hours, but still runs in the 300s. So far, no ketones.  
>  we doing the right thing checking every 3 hours, then correcting?  Is 
> a 
>  rule for sick days that I am missing?

FIRST - - Just to make sure that at least part of the reason for the highs 
isn't an infusion site going bad, I'd do one of those corrective "boluses" as 
a injection (with a syringe/needle -- NOT through the infusion set).  If 
after 2 hours, that hadn't helped lower the BGs, then I'd think that this is 
a "stubborn" high which requires more than the usual correction factor .  .  
. I know I've talked to some people that (especially in teens) these kind of 
stubborn highs may need up to twice the usual amount of insulin to get the 
same BG correction as they get during a "normal" high .  .  . Of course, YMMV 
and I definitely am not suggesting that you double his correction factor 
right off the bat -- you just might want to think about needing more than the 
usual dose to get things corrected . . . 

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