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Re: [IP] re:Static

In a message dated 4/16/01 12:53:35 PM, Roni Pagano <email @ redacted 

>so now I no longer trust my pump.  I'm interested in knowing if other
>people have had this problem and if so, could you tell me which Minimed
>model you have and for how long have you had it.

Yes, Roni, I had the same thing happen when we were away one weekend. I use 
the MM 508, and got an alarm.

I left my basal list home and had to fake it. They told me that I had to wear 
it in the black leather case or touching my skin. I bought a clip it and use 
a piece of "Bounce" in it. Many people on the list advised me to do that. 
What a pain, but it is surmountable.

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