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[IP] Merck Medco practices medicine now!

prescriptions were filled okay except for the strips for my Glucometer Elite
strips. The doctor wrote it for 900 strips with 3 refills (I am very insulin
sensitive so very frequent testing is required). MerckMedco sent one box of
strips and charged me two copays. I called them back and they insisted they
RX was
written for 90 strips. I know it was for 900 - I checked the amount before
mailing. I
suggested that 100 strips for 90 days for an insulin dependent diabetic
should cause
any qualified pharmacist to question the order. They said they would have
the RX
pulled and recheck the quantity. I wasn't surprised that they stuck with
original story and offered to send me a copy of it. I received the copy. One
edge of
the scanned copy has plenty of black showing before the copy and the other
side is
conveniently cut off following the number 90. Of course I had already been
that they wouldn't change the amount on the prescription!
I let that ride and had the doctor write another prescription and on this
one she put
to test 6 - 7 times per day and a total of 830 strips. I questioned the
office about
the 6 - 7 times per day not equaling 830 and was told that this would be
and they were to be called if there were any problems. Okay, I mailed this
in and
yesterday received 700 strips. Between the two prescriptions I have now
received 800
strips (less than a three month supply for the copay of four months)  WOW,
what a
great savings, right?
Can I ask for the return of the original first prescription back instead of
scanned copy and what are the chances of getting it? Can a pharmacy supply
change the written total quantity on the second prescription without talking
with the
doctor writing the prescription? Do I have any recourse here? I'm certainly
not going
to try to order through MerckMedco again and will go back to purchasing
locally but
would like to recoup some of my expenses. Any ideas/suggestions would be
appreciated. Thanks  Donna
Changing a doctor's prescription is a very serious crime in NJ the location
of Merck Medco. Also, they are practicing medicine without a license. I
would get a letter from your doctor asking for 900 strips as in the first
prescription, include the reason why and be sure to have him state you are a
pump patient and that this in combination with your insulin sensitivity is
the reason for his request for frequent testing and consequent use of a lot
of strips. I would tell Merck Medco right to their face that you intend to
file charges against them in Trenton for practicing medicine without a
license in NJ which is really serious and altering a physician's
prescription which is forgery and fraud. Then send everything including the
cut off xerox to NJ Dept of Law and Public safety Consumer affairs, Board of
Pharmacy in Trenton as well as the enforcement division. Make copies of
everything and have someone witness that they are true and accurate copies
of the papers. I will guarantee you that this will get attention, if it
doesn't write me off list and I will get action for you.
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