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[IP] Need Info

I saw my Endo in February & the Microalbumin test was "A little high" (Their 
clinical term) It was redone & now "It is normal."
It is my assumption that anytime a test shows protein, it means there is some 
kind of leaking, therefore some damage to the glomerulus? I have not been put 
on an ACE inhibitor. The Endo thinks it is used either when the blood 
pressure is too high, or there is clearly damage to the kidney. My blood 
pressure is good. My understanding is that they have a protective action for 
the kidney. I have only 1 kidney. I want to keep it healthy for as long as 
possible! I called my PCP asking for a referral to see a nephrologist. She 
wanted to do a 24-hour clearance. We did that. I got a call from the nurse & 
she said, "Your test is normal." I asked her for the actual test results. She 
acted like I was crazy or something. But did tell me it is 98.  So I asked 
about my original request for a referral. She told me that the test is 
normal, so I don't need to see a specialist. I asked to have an appointment 
to see the PCP. I will be seeing her on Friday. I don't think I am being 
unreasonable. I think a nephrologist would know if I should be on an Ace 
inhibitor or not. Are there any studies that I should take with me or refer 
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