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Re: [IP] Huh?

>You said you have a friend who could explain - ???? whether the sun is slow
>or fast on a certain day,?????
>Well, tell him to make it simple and explain that.   Never heard that
>one....Know about the wavelengths and what we see, but slow or fast sun?,
>wouldn't that be the earth's revolution?  Or would it be the atmosphere
>having matter which would slow down the speed of light?
>Bonnie R.

Bonnie and others whom i boggled with this one:  I don't pretent to fully
understand it which is why this example came ot mind.

Briefly there are many variables at work in determining the true time.  Of
these, the most complex equation is the equation of time wherein we know
whether the sun is running fast or slow.  (Important for us sun dial users
& so far no factory realls on these bits of technology). ;-/

The Earth's rotation is not fixed.  The length of the day varies by several
minutes and throughout the year the sun is ahead of noon or behind noon as
to it's maximum elevation in the sky for determining true local time as
opposed to local mean time.  Due to several accelerations on the earth's
rotation rate, both positive and negative:  tidal friction form the oceans,
tidal drag and tidal momentum lost or gained by the Earth from the moon
etc. our rate of rotation is faster or slower on any given day and the
length ofo the day is never constant.  (Add yet another variable to DM)!

  So depending on numerous physical factors; all of which more or less keep
cancelling each other out over time but yet cause the sun to appear ahead
of local noon or behind local noon as to it's maximum elevation in the sky
the sun runs fast or slow.  However the equation of time is beyond my math.

sorry... ...got thinking again.  Damn.

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