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[IP] diabetic congress show

the thing is, there are like 5 people in the house...... it would just be a
characteristic of that person, not that the whole show would be advertised
the Diabetic Big Brother Show......LOL
just as people were watching, if things came up, maybe they'd see just what
we go through........ like say a reaction, one might say, :"oh, so and so is
having a reaction" and then people would learn what that was, etc........
anyway, it was just a thought :O)
Well in Roman times, the senators used to have seizures and this was
considered a gift from the gods of some special knowledge about this or
that. Generally after a hypo seizure I do not remember my name or anything.
I'm lucky to be able to find my way home. but hey, Rome wasn't built in a
day. I have very little hope for anyone in the US being able to learn
anything except what happened on the latest soap episode. Just watch
Jaywalking on the Jay Leno show and you too will be a cynic. Spot who spent
a week teaching a class of idiots that oxygen was spelled oxygen and not
oxigen. And they needed to learn this stuff to take a qualifying exam for
college. What happens when hydrogen catches fire? "Mmmm I dunno" - great
answer but it doesn't work!
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