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[IP] re: Merck Medco and strip quantities

Merck Medco will charge you any way they can. We get
the whole diabetes kit (if I order insulin) for $20
every threee months..so I start hte order with all new
rx's and of cousre they chnage the refill dates so
that I dont' have the ability to get a "set" again.
And ketostix aren't covered, you pay $35 for a box of
100 when outside they cost only $20. But if you order
ketostix WITH the insulin order, it just raises the
kit cost to $35... they are soo PICKY!
 STrips..I get 1150 each time. I had to get it written
for "patient tests at least 12x a day b/c she has
brittle diabetes". I had one pill where they wrote
take 1 to 2 pills a day and they gave me 90 NOT 180 so
I didn't have enough..wound up getting a new rx for
180 specifically and spending $70! They get you coming
and going, strip wise if you say you're "brittle" and
write 12x a day it's no problem, that however, is the
one rx they wait a FULL 90 days b4 allowing you to

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