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Re: [IP] When insulin was marketed

My grandfather started insulin in 1925.  My dad remembers having to help
give him when my dad grew older. They had to to sterilize the syringe and
needle in boiling water.  My dad injected him from the time my dad was 9
years old. My grandpa lost a kidney in the 1950's (due to diabetes) He died
when I was in 9th grade from a blood clot which was in his leg and it moved
to his heart.
He had high blood pressure/smoked but lived to his late 60's which was for
that time and his health history pretty good. He was always a very hard
working man. But I remember sunday dinners at their house were really loaded
with food and he would get so sleepy after he ate- I never understood why.
In fact I never knew he had diabetes until I got my pump. I remember the
word sugar being used alot. Now I know why.
Here in the north Georgia mountians (I am a yankee moved here) it is very
common for people to say Mr So and So has "sugar". In fact, when I was at my
own doctor I heard him telling one person that they had "sugar". I asked him
about this and he said that is what the term is here and for some that is
how they understand diabetes. OY.
Diabetes has a very interesting history. Do you know any history before
insulin? I wonder what people did?
I know diabetes care during pregancy has really come a long way since even
1970 when i was first pregant.
Thank you for sharing the history with us! I appreciate it very much!
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