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[IP] When insulin was marketed

I found the Lilly booklet sent to me with my 50-year anniversary sterling
silver engraved medal with s.s. chain. Here is a chronological rundown of some
of the events:
1922: Dr. George Clowes suggest that Lilly and the University of Toronto
collaborate in preparing insulin commercially. In May an agreement is signed.
At the age of 14, Leonard Thompson is the first human with diabetes to receive
insulin. Lilly research chemist George Walden is instrumental in the
development of a pure, stable form of insulin as well as a method for
extracting and producing it in large quantities. After the first three months
of production, Lilly has produced nearly 5,400 units of insulin. By year end,
production is 100,000 units per week.
1923: Lilly markets U-10, U-20, and U-40 concentrations of Iletin, the first
commercially available insulin. In 1924 the company introduces Iletin in U-80.
1925: Lilly demonstrates its commitment to the large scale production of
insulin, supplying over 30,000 patients and 8,000 physicians.
1929: Lilly introduces a special beef animal-source insulin
1937: The formulating of protamine insulin in 1936 by H.C. Hagedorn of
Copenhagen and of protamine zinc insulin by D.A. Scott and A. Fisher of
Toronto enables Lilly to produce PZI animal-source insulin.
1946: Isophane insulin is formulated by Hagedorn Laboratories of Copenhagen.
1950: Lilly introduces NPH animal-source insulin.
1954: Lilly markets Lente animal-source insulin.
1957: Lilly markets Semilente and Ultralente animal-source insulins.
1960: Lilly markets Glucagon.
1970: The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation is established. The first Joslin Medal
is presented to Charles Symonds, a diabetes patient for over 50 years.
1973: Lilly introduces U-100 concentration and NPH Regular animal-source
1974: The first Lilly Medals are presesnted to 50-year users of insulin. The
American Association of Diabetes Educators is founded.
1980: A Kansas woman becomes the first diabetes patient to receive human
insulin made from recombinant DNA technology.
1981: A Lilly subsidiary ((CPI)) introduces the first
microprocessor-controlled insulin infusion pump.
1983: Lilly introduces Humulin (human insulin [recombinant DNA origin]) in
Regular and NPH formulations.
1983: A Lilly subsidiary ((CPI)) introduces the first miniaturized,
programmable insulin infusion pumps.
1985: Lilly markets Humulin L (LENTE human insulin [recombinant DNA origin]
zinc suspension).
1996: Lilly introducesHumalog, the first insulin analog to more closely
parallel the way the body's natural insulin works.

I left out a lot of the awards, etc. in the booklet, and just highlighted the
insulin/pump dates. The 1981 and '83 pumps mentioned are two that I used. The
first one I had for 6 weeks and was the size of a checkbook box. The
*miniaturized* one was the size of a king-size pack of cigarettes - I used it
for 9 years until they quit mfg and I couldn't get supplies. They can both be
seen in the URL below.

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