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[IP] Autopilot

Ever forget to bolus, or forget that you already did?

I'm finding myself beginning to do this all on autopilot and I do think 
that's a tad dangerous......  Don't know how to stop that though.

Especially since I've taken up my lifelong nibbling habit once again.

I stopped all day nibbling when I was put on insulin just over a year 
ago--to avoid the needles, ya know?  But with the pump, I'm back 
to it again.  It works very well, really.  Last A1c was < 6%.

Except that now I nibble-bolus-nibble-bolus-nibble-bolus-nibble-<?> 
And 20 minutes or so later, I think, "did I bolus for that last nibble?" 
 But looking at the pump history, I can't always tell whether that 
last bolus was for the last nibble or the previous nibble....  (since 
so many of my boluses are 1 or 1.5 u).

I'm starting to worry that I'll end up overbolusing.

So instead, I'm NOT.  Which means an hour later, I'm >200 and 
thinking.....  did I underestimate the carbs or did I really forget the 


Having ADD..... that doesn't go well with the pump.  :-\
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