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[IP] Pain with laser

Had total of 8 sessions 10 years ago.  Still have 20/20 vision (with 
glasses..nearsighted before all this)  Stable 10 years.  Now as to the pain.  
There was no way I was going to have the "needle under the eye" unless he put 
me out...we all have our things (I can pass a kidney stone at work, but don't 
mess with my eyes or teeth!)  Anyway, all lasering done without anesthesia 
and learned some interesting things.  There was more pain the closer to the 
optic disc ( it's a nerve ending, makes sense) and the faster he went the 
more pain, conversely, the slower the less the pain.  My Dr was wonderful 
about this.  I probably took twice as long, but I have the ability to hold my 
eyes very still, he would accomodate speed to my tolerance, and I got through 
it with just tylenol.

Good luck.  Linda
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