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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #56

> I have a question for all the pros out there. I have been
> pumping since Jan. 2001, its okay, I not totally excited
> about this little box being "attached" to me 24/7 and I
> have had trouble with the sites getting irritated - my
> stomach looks like a road map of little red dots - so my
I'll let the other "pros" answer that. Sounds like you might be sensitive 
to something about your set or the adhesive on it. Try a few of the 
others that might like your skin better

> be welcomed. Also, I am a total sun bum on the week-ends
> during the summer. I know Im not the only one, even tho its
> not the "healthy" thing to do. However, what am I going to
> do with the pump? I understand the MM 508 is not
> waterproof? and if I disconnect and leave the site with the
> tubing in - what if it gets wet? Is that harmful? It seems
> to me it would be. I certainly don't want to disconnect
> completely everytime I go out by the pool. If any of you

I'll tell you about my daughter's week, she just got back from the big 
island of Hawaii. She has a 507c -- she's 17 and went there with 15 - 20 
kids from her geology class. managed to bash her 507 into some young 
man's ??? while playing football, I understand it took him some time to 
recover and Lily was a bit embarrassed (they can't catch her, you see, 
those darn soccer players). Seems there was also a bit of midnight 
swimming in the hotel pool that management was slightly unhappy about 
and..... some ocean kayaking and jumping out to swim with the dolphins 
and.... the sea cucumber that wound up on her geology instructor's 
shoulder while they were diving --- hmmmm..... seems they didn't know 
Lily was a diver and she took them on a bit of a tour. BTW, she uses 
Silohettes, I don't think you need worry about getting them wet. 
and....... she had fun -- wish I could have been a fly on the wall :-)

Michael <<<dad>>>
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