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[IP] arms

Elizabeth asked
> Is it the Freestyle you are using? 

i am using the pokey that came with that, but the fast take meter....i like 
the see trhough cap so i can see when i have struck oil...thanks for the 
poking tips...i am set on 3, which is about the same i use on my fingers and 
I dont push too hard anymore, after that first bruise I got from pushing too 
hard....that was a good one.

> I have been diabetic for almost 20 years 

me almost 28 (next week egad) but have only been poking myself and being a 
real diabetic for the last 8-9....

I do actually tend to avoid the freckles...you know all those warnings about 
freckles changing color as being a warning about cancer???  wonder what 
BRUISES would do to freckles....

> I prayed to God that someone would come out with something new 
> and POOF, they did!!! 

sigh...no insult...but since you have the connection here, can you please 
pray for a CURE!?!?!  

So, as a general RANT,....I am so sick of the dang bandaids these drug 
companies keep coming up with!!  How DARE they insist we accept a 20% 
variance on these stupid meters?????  Why do WE allow this??????  if they can 
put a man on a specific square inch of the moon, then why the heck can't they 
give us a meter that ACCURATELY gives bg readings?  Now, granted, MOST meter 
problems are USER related...not enough blood, bad strips or whatever...but if 
all things are equal, then we should be able to EXPECT a meter to give us an 
ACCURATE reading!!!  What if breathalizers were allowed to have a 20% 
variance!!!!!!!!  a lot of drunk people would get off and alot of sober 
people would be in the slammer!!!

I am SICK of being told to be happy with what i have...i want MORE...well, 
no, I dont want MORE...i just want a freaking CURE...and if not a cure, then 
a METER that works...this baloney about arm blood not being as accurate as 
finger blood...PLEASE!!!!  it is the same blood!!!  it gets to the fingers a 
split second later, doesnt it?  and if ANYTHING...us diabetics with our bad 
circulation ought to NOT test in our fingers, since the blood POOLING their 
is OLDER than the blood cousing through the rest of our bodies...hehhehehhe

ok i am done

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