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[IP] was Animas pumpers/ now pump malfunction

I too had a pump malfunction five days into pumping (not Animas).  And mine 
malfunctioned on a Sunday morning which meant I couldn't receive a 
replacement until Tues.  That 24 hour replacement guarantee only applies 
Mon-Fri.  I was so upset - it was almost like being diagnosed all over again. 
 My first few days went just like yours, and I was really starting to see the 
benefits of pumping and then WHAM!  right back to shots.  Almost like Santa 
coming back to the house and taking back all of his presents!  However, I got 
my replacement pump and things have been pretty smooth with a few little 
bumps since then.  I saw a good drop in my A1C and was finally able to have 
normal fasting bs for the first time in five years.  I'm sure it's all going 
to work out for you too.  And like my CDE said at the time, at least you know 
how to handle backup plans now!

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