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Re: [IP] arms don't hurt?

       Is it the Freestyle you are using? I have been diabetic for almost 20 
years now and HATE poking my poor little fingers. I prayed to God that 
someone would come out with something new and POOF, they did!!! Sometimes 
life is good.  Anyhow, when you test your blood through using your little 
mine fields, oops, I mean arms, first, avoid the freckles....they don't 
bleed, LOL....I've got so many that sometimes with my bad eyesight I can't 
see the little spot of blood!!!! Anyhow, try this...Don't push down so hard, 
set the pokey at 2 or 3.... click, then rock gently back and forth...go in 
small circles if you like...whatever... you need just the smallest spot of 
blood...like the tip of a pencil. Anyhow, try that...don't push so hard or 
set the # high... let me know.
Good luck, 
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