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[IP] Re:Animas pumpers out there?

Ok, here's my first post, so I hope I get it right...

I'm on an Animas pump, sort of. I started on Tuesday, April 10. After almost
two days of mostly lows, my care team reduced my dose. I bounced around for
a day and then things seemed to be falling into place. I was really excited
(despite a battle with my insurance co. that will resume soon) about
starting on the pump - the flexibility and getting rid of the
unpredicability I found with UltraLente. Plus, I found my motivation on the
rise. Then, Saturday at 7, the pump malfunctioned. A holiday weekend doesn't
help any.... So, I'm back on injections of Humalog, UltraLente, and NPH
until my replacement pump shows up (Tuesday, I hope). Then, back to my 2nd
pump class and start over. I'm afraid the doc's won't have the info. they
need to make final adjustments, but I learned about the importance of
emergency back-up plans. I just pray this was a fluke. I was learning enough
without a crisis and I'd like to start over and have things go relatively
smoothly for a bit. I still believe the pump will be a good change for me,
but it's a big one. I'd like to get past the overwhelmed feelings before I
have to confront yet another big scare.

Sorry this was long.....
dx'ed 9/90
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