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Re: [IP] MerckMedco BG Strip Quantity Problems

In a message dated 4/15/01 8:38:36 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can deal with MerckMedco's 
problem filling a prescription with the proper quantity?  >>

It took me several tries to get them to fill it right for me, too.  
Initially, they sent 400, saying that 4 times a day was all anyone had to 
test.  A pharmacist suggested that the doctor should write specifically how 
many times a day -- I believe it was 8 then, and the doctor wrote to test 8 
times a day for a total of 800 strips.  They sent 700, saying the strips came 
in boxes of 100 and they would not send a box that would have less than half 
used (???  I was pretty indignant by this time)  As I recall, I did have to 
pay the full 3-month copay for each of these, but they let me reorder sooner 
than they usually would have.  Anyway, finally I had the doctor write a 
prescription for 900 strips to be used 10 times a day (comes out even, see -- 
I think I did accumulate extras for a while, that got used up in early 
pumping days).  The doctor specified that I should test before and after each 
meal, at bedtime, before and after exercise, before driving, occasionally 
during the night, and whenever I felt funny.  This has served me for some 
years now, even with a couple changes in brand of strips, but it sometimes 
comes out real funny on the prescription sticker they attach to the boxes 

Linda Z  
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